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Indoor Bleachers

Outdoor Bleachers


New backboards, rims, nets and various accessories and components like safety straps and padding for indoor and outdoor basketball equipment.


A variety of goalposts built to suit your facility’s and field’s unique needs meeting and exceeding the requirements of each sport.


Dividers and walls are available in many shapes and sizes to complement your space. Let us install, inspect and repair them for you annually.


Barrier nets, training aids, wind screening and cages assure safety and the full functional use of your facility.


No two spaces are the same and each flooring need presents unique challenges. Let us help you find the right surface solution.


From safety padding to equipment carts and acoustic solutions for the gym that is “too noisy” FaciliServ offers many budget friendly solutions for the athletic facility and beyond.

BR Bleachers

A valued brand of the FaciliServ family, BR Bleachers is trusted by thousands of institutions every year for indoor and outdoor bleacher safety, maintenance, upgrades and parts.

Recognized nationally, BR Bleachers’ reputation has been earned through superior technical knowledge, an experienced and dedicated staff and a passion for ensuring that all bleachers are safe, secure and in proper operating condition.


Installation technicians ensure smooth, safe installations of athletic equipment like bleachers, curtain dividers, basketball hoops and more.

Installations are designed so that your equipment fits the needs and restrictions of your space. Trained technicians install it right the first time!


Through our many partners, we provide the right solution for each environment and budget.

FaciliServ offers the right parts and solutions for our customers’ unique needs. And when repair or installation is necessary, our trained technicians execute a flawless fix every time.